We are called today, through the parable of Jesus Christ, to make the great decision. The fact that we insist to keep «sailing on two boats» and working for two masters, who have completely very opposed interests, at the same time, won’t pass without consequences because the conflict will result in love and devotion to one of them and abandoning and resenting the other. Otherwise, like hypocrites we’ll have to serve both of them, with the risk that one day we’ll get exposed and be punished.

   The Lord Jesus clarified this matter and said that no one can serve two masters, God or Mammon. For either he will hate the one and love the other, or else he will be loyal to the one and despise the other. In fact, with the term «Mammon» the Lord means both the devil himself and the deeds of darkness, as well as the earthly matters that distract us from heeding God’s words and doing His will.

   In our daily life, we forget the great truth. We consider ourselves as faithful Christians while we spend all our time going after earthly matters. The conditions of the modern way of life and the circumstances of the last 10 years (Economic crisis—Corona Virus pandemic), exacerbate this anxiety of ours and drain us of every physical and mental life force. And as much as we depend on material and earthly happiness, the difficulties of life lead us to greater despair and desolation.

   In fact, in order to mitigate the human anxieties and tensions, Jesus asks them to contemplate the Realm of Nature: «Look at the birds in the sky. They don’t plant or harvest or gather food into barns, and yet your Heavenly Father feeds them. You are more valuable than they are, aren’t you? And why do you worry about clothes? Consider the lilies in the field and how they grow. They don’t work or spin yarn, now if that is the way God clothes the grass in the field, which is alive today and thrown into an oven tomorrow, won’t He care for you even more? Do not be overwhelmed and worry about earthly matters, because those who do not trust God with their lives worry about all these things».

   Trusting God does not mean that we should be indifferent to things that are important to our survival. The «do not worry» that the Lord Jesus Christ said does not mean «do not work» The Lord does not defend or encourage a passive and lazy life. He does not despise serious and hard work. What Christ aims to terminate is the agony that we undergo for caring too much about earthly matters that burdens the human soul. All these concerns suffocate us and lead us to despair: «What am I going to do? How am I going to get by it? How am I going raise my children? What do I have to do to make sure that they get the proper education? What am I supposed to do to heal them or comfort them and tend to their wounds—Physical, Psychological or Spiritual—whenever they get hurt? Very oppressive questions that torment masses of people and often plunge them into desolation.

   The result? The Human Being—as opposed to the fact of the meaning of his existence and the essential reason of his creation that is living forever and eternally in the bosom of the Heavenly Father— is always unhappy and constantly chasing an elusive dream without any joy on earth, despite the fact of all the graces that has been granted to him. Unfortunately, he remains unhappy and unsatisfied until he realizes that he has lost everything: The temporary gifts that he has dismissed and the eternal ones that he’s forgotten.

   We made our lives crave only for food and material products and goods and add to this that we only care about the appearances. We ignored the priorities of the soul and the body. We have replaced the providence of God with material goods, letting the authorities of this world take over us. And our anxiety rests in our survival and self-sufficiency but not in our communion with God and our neighbor. The change can come to everyone's heart, even if the world has divinized its own forces. And whoever changes from within, leaving the providence of God and His love to pave the way, will not lag behind in anything. In this world, faith requires that we live. Amen!